Video Ads in Social

Social is the new search. That’s because as shoppers spend less time using search engines and more time on social apps, audience segmenting makes finding shoppers in social more effective than ever. AdPoint video ads work so well because they speak to individual shoppers with precise messages – at scale.


Social users show intent all day long by what they share, like and click on. We use that data to show relevant ads to precisely the right audiences. We then create scores of video ads for remarketing and lookalike audiences to boost results.


The perfect audience segment is only useful if you have the perfect ad to show. But there’s no true video Dynamic Creative in Facebook. That’s where AdPoint makes the difference – Video DCO in Facebook means creating as many video ad variations as needed to ensure each audience segment sees the perfect message.


One big challenge of social ads is keeping content fresh. Once ads have been shown a few times to the same viewer (frequency), the platforms show them less often or not at all (capping). AdPoint’s automated multiple ad variations solve that problem once and for all.