Q. What does AdPoint Video do?

AdPoint is a programmatic video marketing platform that allows advertisers to create 1:1 video ads at scale and then drive targeted audiences in paid search, social, and via re-marketing display. Customers discover videos while in their favorite mobile apps (Facebook, Twitter) or conducting searches in Google, YouTube, Bing or Yahoo, where videos are generally listed in top paid and organic search rankings. After a user watches a video they have the opportunity to click through to our advertisers where they enter as a highly qualified prospect. AdPoint is turnkey – we handle everything from video ad creation to campaign management.

Q. How can AdPoint increase the number of mobile shoppers to my store?

Seventy percent of all internet time is now spent on mobile devices in social apps, shopping, and killing time in games. Mobile apps are now almost entirely visual and search is being rebuilt from the ground up with more video, more images, and more apps. The best way to reach these customers is with visual content — specifically targeted video.

AdPoint’s programmatic platform was built to take advantage of Big Data to allow dynamic creative optimized videos to target customers on a 1:1 basis. The perfect video for each viewer, every time. AdPoint can programmatically modernize an advertisers’ catalogue of still product images with product videos that mobile shoppers prefer. We do it at massive scale matching every product with an individual video that we then use in marketing campaigns to drive those mobile shoppers to your site.

Q. How can AdPoint modernize my product search marketing strategy for the mobile era?

Product search has 1:1 mapping of products to metadata like descriptions, prices and images — but not video. As shoppers move their searches to mobile devices video is the most powerful way to respond. That’s where AdPoint can help. A lot of our clients are staying ahead of the competition by creating huge libraries of product video ads.

Every month the AdPoint platform produces tens of thousands of unique and compelling videos — videos watched by millions of shoppers in social (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), display, and traditional PPC campaigns. SEM is a $30B market in the US yet, until recently, contained no video ad units. Now advertisers can tap the power of video in PPC and deliver great results. AdPoint makes it easy to modernize your product catalogue or keyword strategy for the mobile era.

Q. How can AdPoint increase my search visibility?

Just as you currently run Shopping Ads (PLAs) and PPC text ads, AdPoint gives advertisers the opportunity to run videos ads directly on search engine result pages. Especially in the smaller-screen mobile environment, real estate on a search engine results page is incredibly valuable. With AdPoint video ads most advertisers find themselves alone on a mobile search result screen — an enviable and profitable position!

Q. Do sponsored video search ads display in text or shopping ad listings?

Today our video ads are displayed as additional parts of a traditional PPC ads, generally in first or second position, along with any titles, text and site links already in use. In the near future video ads are expected to expand into Shopping Ads, store listings, and other new search ad units.

Q. Does AdPoint work?

Nope. Just kidding! Across a wide range of clients, AdPoint videos see 3x baseline click thru rates (CTR) and 2x baseline conversion rates (CVR). In search the return on ad spend (ROAS) for multiple clients is currently ranging from 10x to 12x and in social we’re seeing conversion rates from 2% – 10%. We have plenty of case studies we can share with performance stats in search, social and display so drop us an email. The bottom line is that video is the most powerful form of digital media — and that applies to our video ads as well.

Q. What does AdPoint cost?

AdPoint charges a 15% media buying fee (of the media spend) to programmatically traffic video ads on paid media channels like search, social and display. Typical media budgets start at just $5,000 per month. Accounts and media spend may be co-managed by your ad ops or agency team and real-time data and analytics are available via each ad platform – total transparency. Due to our partnership arrangement with the major search engines video ads must run through the AdPoint platform. Contact us to learn more.

Video production using your image and/or video assets is performed by expert editors and our automated platform allowing us to create anywhere from one to one million videos! We charge a nominal fee based on the number of videos and variations needed.

Q. How do I get started?

Contact our sales department and we will get you set up right away. It’s very straightforward: Start with identifying your campaign objective (sales, leads, clicks, lift) and we’ll help determine how many video ad variations you’ll need and what budget makes sense. Then we’ll produce a few sample videos using your branding and assets (if available) for approval. Finally it’s “go time” and our platform produces and places all of your video ads. You’ll then have full real-time access to each campaign on every platform as our team optimizes performance.

Q. How custom can we make the video ads?

AdPoint has dozens of ready-to-launch video ad formats that can be used with minimal customization. These include ads with or without on camera spokespeople, social ads in square and portrait formats, ads for silent autoplay and scores of others. Check out our gallery to see some examples. Our account team always works with advertisers to develop the most effective video ads.

Q. Will video ads compete with my existing PPC campaigns?

Our ad ops team has decades of combined experience in search advertising. We work with you to set up campaigns that will not compete with your current ad sets. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this and still earn the big performance gains of video ads in search and social. Contact our sales department and let them explain how.

Q. Where are AdPoint videos seen?

Our video ads run in traditional search, video (YouTube, display), social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and native (Yahoo, YouTube) channels. Depending on the platform they may be priced on a cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-view (CPV) or cost per mille (CPM) basis. In every case your team or your agency partner will have real-time access to the campaigns via the native platform dashboards.

Q: How long are your video ads?

Our video ads are typically between 15 and 30 seconds long, immediately getting to what shoppers want to know. And as long as it’s part of your objective, there’s always a direct call to action. Our internal reporting and numerous studies from a wide range of marketing companies demonstrate that digital viewers respond best to short, direct video content. With display ad units soon joining Facebook in requiring video ads autoplay silently, AdPoint video ads allow for multiple variations with large text overlays.

Q. Is custom integration required?

No. AdPoint operates as a third party network so there is no need to integrate your technology to ours. We’ve done the hard part, integrating our platform with all the various ad platforms you’ll want to deploy your new video ads on.

Q. Do AdPoint video ads work on desktop and mobile? In browsers and apps?

Yes. Our technology has been tested on every platform and configuration, is native mobile and VAST-compliant.

Q. Does AdPoint do business outside the U.S.?

Yes. We support domestic or international clients and all major languages.

Q. Does AdPoint provide analytics?

Yes! But AdPoint doesn’t believe you need yet another dashboard to monitor so we provide full real-time access via agency accounts on every ad platform we utilize (where available). In addition we supply monthly reports and our ad ops team works with your internal or agency team to optimize results throughout the campaign.